Collecting Coin Jewelry

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Is coin jewelry a great coin collecting investment?

Collecting Coin Jewelry

Ancient women wore jewelry made out of coins. You, as a fashionable coin collector, want to continue an ancient trend. But won't that ruin your coin collections? Not if you don't intend to sell them, at least not right away.

Coin jewelry is a fashionable twist in coin and currency collecting. Most coin jewelry is gold, such as a 20 francs Gold Necklace or 1/10th oz Gold Panda Necklace. If you intend to wear them, here are some tips on care should you decide you want to sell your necklace coin collections.

--Cleaning coins is still a no-no, especially with harsh chemicals. If you must, use olive oil or rubbing alcohol.
--You can clean the chain with normal jewelry cleaner.
--Store coin jewelry in plastic sleeves or protective casing. Keep your jewelry coin collections separate from other jewelry.

It feels great to be part of a classical trend. This way, you can combine your favorite hobbies: coins and jewelry.



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