US Quarter Proof Sets

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What US proof sets have all the statehood quarters for a given year?

US Quarter Proof Sets

The quarter is your favorite coin. You avoid buying a newspaper if it means surrendering your quarters. You wonder if there isa special stat quarter coin proof set. Aside from silver proof sets that include stat quarters, you can indulge your two-bits obsession with our silver coin proof set obsessions:

* 2005 Silver Quarter Proof Set--California, Minnesota, West Virginia, Oregon, Kansas
* 2005 Clad Quarter Proof Set--California, Minnesota, West Virginia, Oregon, Kansas
* 2003 Silver Quarter Proof Set--Illinois, Maine, Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas
* 1999 Quarter Silver Proof Set, the year it all started

Maybe you'll be able to give out your quarters in change now that you have these valuable proof sets. If you ever decide to sell them, the value will make you feel a bit better as your heart is being drawn and quartered.



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