Gold Proof Sets

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Can I buy gold proof sets?

Gold Proof Sets

You love gold. Gold jewelry, golden oldies, the Golden Girls. You can take or leave silver. You wonder if you can buy US gold proof sets, since you already own the 1989 Canadian Gold Maple Coin Proof Set and the 2002 UK Jubilee Gold Coin Proof Set (3-coin or 4-coin). Yes, the US Mint likes to go for the gold--more than you do! Some terrific US gold proof sets include: * 1999 American Eagle Gold Proof 4-Coin Set * 2000-W Proof Gold American Eagle 4-Coin Set * 1995 US Gold Coin Proof Set * 2003 Gold American Eagle Four Coin Proof Set Be prepared to bargain heavily with fellow collectors and dealers for gold proof sets, since silver proof sets are more common.

You can buy directly from the US Mint, unless you're looking for rare proof sets. If you have the money to spend on your hobby, all that glitters really is gold. Unlike your Hershey's Pot o' Gold candy collection, gold proof sets can appreciate and endure.



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