Mercury Dime Silver Proof Set

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Can I buy a Mercury dime silver proof set?

Mercury Dime Silver Proof Set

Older proof sets aren't always easy to obtain. Mercury was the messenger of the gods, but sometimes finding a Mercury dime silver proof set isn't as swift. You wish you had winged sandals and could hit all the coin shops.

Fortunately, the Internet is as fast as Mercury (unless you have dial-up.) You can locate Mercury dime silver proof sets spanning 1936-1942. How do you buy a Mercury dime silver proof set? What do you look for? Some hints from the gods:

* The key date is usually the 1936 Mercury dime, so make sure any coin proof set contains one.
* If you have a 1941-1945 silver proof set, don't fret, it's still valuable, so burn offerings at the temples.
* Brilliant Uncirculated is the best, but terms such as choice BU, gem BU, select BU and premium BU may add more worth to your divine treasure. We know of a choice BU 15-piece silver proof set selling for $149.50 and well worth the purchase price.
* Be sure that your silver proof set has at least one or two cameos, coins struck as proofs with a frosted or satiny central device surrounded by a mirrorlike or mirrored field.
* Make sure that you factor the value of silver (which you can track at into the coin proof set value. Common coins in silver proof sets are more valuable because of silver (Mercury dimes are 90% silver as are most coins dated 1964 or earlier.)

Grab a laurel wreath and sail onto the Internet to buy your Mercury dime silver proof set.



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