Australian Silver Proof Sets

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How can I buy Australian silver proof sets?

Australian Silver Proof Sets

G'day, mate. If you're a collector with a taste for all things Australian, including take-away menus from Outback Steakhouse, you probably want some Australian proof coin sets.

Might we suggest the 2005 Fine Silver Proof Year Set commemorating the 60th Anniversary of World War II. Yanks don't have the monopoly on remembering the war, as the $1, 50 cent and 20 cent Australian coins prove.

Also, there's the Perth Mint 2002 Gem Proof Australian Silver Horse Set and the complete silver proof set of all Australian 1-ounce Kookaburras...bonser if you're into all things Oz and you love coins.

In other countries people drive on the left side of the road, opposite from Yanks. Don't fret if you get an Australian coin proof set with a frosted background and a mirror-image finish on the Queen. That's called a reverse-proof and it just means your silver proof set is fair dinkum.

You can buy coins from the Australian Royal Mint, from American dealers or just about anywhere. Be sure to fill out those customs forms, and remember you have to pay GST (goods and services tax) in Australia.

Toss some prawns on the barbie and celebrate owning a piece of down under. Better yet, why not visit, mate, and add to your collection.



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