Susan B. Anthony Proof Sets

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Is it true Susan B. Anthony silver proof sets are rare?

Susan B. Anthony Proof Sets

She was a great reformer, a feminist, a pioneer...we're talking, of course, about Susan B. Anthony, and you've likely seen the peculiar octagon-sided coins. You might be a guy, but you support feminism. Plus, you want to impress your women friends by owning a Susan B. Anthony silver proof set. But you heard Susan B. Anthony got replaced by the Sacagawea dollar.

Your male pals say, "All right, Native American chick, much better." So you collect the Sacagawea silver proof set, but you're detemined to show your respect for the fairer sex.

A 1980 US proof set isn't completely silver, but the proof coin set does include Susan B. Anthony, so you get points for trying. Professional Coin Grading Service says that a weighted set of six SBA dollars is weighted 70.00, the finest possible set rating accordign to PCGS. Score one for women everywhere.

Of course, instead of the coin proof set, you could always buy a whole album of SBA coins in a deluxe album if you get outbid by another male who respects his feminine side. The deluxe album can set you back $400 or more, but SBA proofs appreciate in value. Ah, what you do for feminism!



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