Proof vs. Mint Sets

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Why should I collect mint sets instead of just proof sets?

Proof vs. Mint Sets

Unlike proof coins, mint coins aren't especially manufactured to have that sharp mirror like surface. So why would you want US Mint sets? Some good reasons: * Complete sets of coins issued direct and uncirculated by the US Mint. * Valuable for people collecting examples of all the US coinage of the 20th century. * The price you get for a proof Mint set can be several times the face value, especially for 1940s proof Mint Sets. * Mint set comes in the original US government envelope, much like mid-20th century proof sets. * Contains actual (uncirculated) coins issued that year for history fans. * Great for collectors who want to trace the history of US coinage. Of course, there's no reason you can't collect both proof sets and Mint sets. After all, if you're confused, just think of how your buddies will react when you show them your new acquisitions. Then you get to educate everyone for a change.



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