Slabbing US Mint Sets

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Should I slab my US Mint sets?

Slabbing US Mint Sets

You never thought you'd be your parents, putting plastic on your furniture, but you're considering slabbing the pre-1964 mint proof coin sets you're buying. You want to protect your investment. The dealer recommends against it. Who's right, you or the dealer? The dealer is. Haggling is permitted. Arguing won't get you a better deal. Some reasons why you don't slab Mint sets and US Mint sets: * Proof Mint sets from every government typically come in the original envelopes, which are tightly sealed to provide enough protection. * Selling Mint sets in the original envelopes is customary. * If you want to protect your coins, buy a safety-deposit box. * Slabs are usually difficult to open. It's expensive to slab coins, so slabbing is usually done only for rare coins. After all, you never liked those plastic covers anyway.



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