Affordable Mint sets

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Are Mint sets less expensive for the beginning collector?

Affordable Mint sets

With all this money around your house, you'd think you'd be solvent, but your hobby is expensive. Will switching to US Mint sets lessen the bite? You'd like to keep the electricity on. US Mint sets are actually an affordable way to collect coins.

If you're a novice collector, you can specialize in inexpensive modern-era proof Mint sets as a way to bring your collectors' costs down. If you want to try older coin Mint proof sets, you can usually be successful at buying Mint sets for a fraction of the cost of single rare or older coins. Plus, here's a boost when the boss didn't give you a bonus: if you get a coin in a Mint set with a proof-like surface, in other words mirrored, that coin means you can resell the set for a premium.

Be on the lookout for sharp strikes on "In God We Trust" or Lincoln's profile. The 2005 Mint sets have satin finish for the first time, so you own something special at an affordable price, without cutting into your grocery money. After all, once you get the basic needs taken care of, you can't take money with you, so you might as well enjoy it.



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