Mint Sets with Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony

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Are Mint sets with Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony dollars worth more?

Mint Sets with Eisenhower and Susan B. Anthony

Susan B. Anthony and Ike, aka Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Kennedy too. You're happy you're buying a US proof Mint set that offers tribute to great Americans. Throw in JFK and you, an American history buff, are fired like the cannons during the Revolutionary War. But is your true red, white and blue zeal blinding you? Are these ordinary uncirculated coins, some with slight tarnish, worth as much as you're paying?

While regular SBA dollars and Eisenhower dollars are fairly common, especially if Susan B. is pocket change, as uncirculated coins (proof-like is a plus), and as part of a 1979 copper/nickel-clad Mint set, they're worth the price you're paying, especially if they're graded MS67. The average 1979 US Mint sets will run you $11-$12, especially if there's a prooflike or sharper-struck coin included and your dealer neglects to factor that in the price. If you're getting older US Mint sets secondhand, remember that a 1979 Mint set with SBA, Ike and fewer bag marks is in good condition and worth a few extra dollars. So celebrate genuine American heroes--as the Mastercard commercial says, they're priceless.



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