Global Mint Sets

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How do I collect Mint sets from other countries?

Global Mint Sets

You'd love to collect global Mint sets, but with global currency fluctuations, is buying Mint sets a safe investment, and are you making a moral investment in a fair trade country? While global stocks may not be right for your portfolio or conscience, global Mint sets are.

You can buy Mint sets directly from another country's Mint, or you can take your chances in coin shops and on eBay. Chances are that your neighborhood coin shop may not have the 2003 Andorran Mint Set with the Euro, or the 2004 Japan Mint Set. Global mint sets are especially great for your collection if you specialize in: * All coin mint proof sets and proof sets * World coins * Proof mint sets from a particular time, such as 1995 to the present World Mints such as the British Royal Mint, the Australian Royal Mint and tha Japan Mint make it easy to buy over the Internet. Some tips to remember: * If you're buying someone in, say, Canada or Brazil a gift, make sure you fill out the appropriate customs forms, if you're mailing coins, and be sure to purchase insurance. Ordering and shipping directly is the better option. * World Mint sets have attractive unusual covers that are part of the collector's cachet. For example, the 2004 Japan Mint set cover portrays cherry blossoms. * International mail gets inspected, so make sure you know all the coins and denominations of coins so you can recognize if coins are lost or misplaced. However, many world Mint sets are in plastic cases. * Always know the fair market value of the coins as well as any special issue coins such as the Australian Lunar series. After all, you might not want to invest in companies that use child labor, but you can feel good about banking on world coins. Many investments (think Worldcom) won't give you that piece of mind, but world proof Mint sets will.



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