Mint Sets with Commemorative Coins

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Can I buy Mint sets with commemorative coins?

Mint Sets with Commemorative Coins

You love your commemorative coins--you'd buy one commemorating the finale of "Friends" if you could. But since you don't have Ross and Rachel on a golden eagle, you'll settle for proof mint sets with commemorative coins from 2004.

Sorry to say, US Mint sets don't include commemorative coins, only coins issued by a particular Mint from 2004. Oh no. How about a Golden Eagle instead? Golden Eagles don't belong in mint proof coin sets, since these special dollars are proofs. But Mint sets do include the Golden Dollar--the 2004 and 2005 Mint sets pay tribute to Sacagawea with the Sacagawea Golden Dollar. That's close to a commemorative Mint set. Now if they just made an Elvis commemorative coin, you'd be happy.



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