Silver Eagle or Gold Double Eagle

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Which is more valuable, the silver eagle or the gold double eagle?

Silver Eagle or Gold Double Eagle

Gold double eagle. American Silver Eagles. You'd flip a coin, but which coin? You're indecisive.

On the one hand, the Saint Gaudens Golden Double Eagle dates back from Teddy Roosevelt, 1907-1933, and is considered to be the most beautiful US coin ever minted. You could pay, or collect $700 for one.

On the other hand, or should we say tails, uncirculated American Silver Eagles silver dollars are also beautiful. While you might pay $20 for one in Uncirculated condition, it's not as rare as the Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle. A completed set of silver eagles from 1986 to 2005 is not to be missed, especially in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. One of the best silver dollar tips to remember is that it is easier for the novice collector to buy current American Silver Eagles than rare Gold Double Eagles, especially since Double Eagle coins from the 1930s are thought to have been melted down. Also, you can buy American Silver Eagles with full strikes, therefore sharp detail, and in MS-69.

If you buy silver eagles in Very Good condition or a Saint Gaudens in Very Good condition, will you acquire a coin of comparable value? A 1931 Double Eagle of Very Fine grade can be worth $4,500.

Many dealers, given the rarity of the coins, won't give you the choice over which dates to buy, though all are valuable. With American Silver Eagles and silver dollars, you can choose which ones you'll purchase.

However, silver dollars, especially kept in Brilliant Uncirculated, Almost Uncirculated, or even Extremely Fine condition, to say nothing of Proof coins, are worth sinking your funds into, especially if you buy a complete set.

Heads? Tails? Or should you simply pick a Morgan silver dollar? Decisions, decisions. As Henny Youngman said in response to "Your money or your life," you'll think it over. Silver dollars are probably more accessible, however, for the novice collector. On the other hand, you could go for best two out of three.



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