Circulated Silver Dollar Sets

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Should I buy circulated silver dollar sets?

Circulated Silver Dollar Sets

Among coin collectors, uncirculated Liberty silver dollars, Morgan Dollars and American Silver Eagles are golden. But as any Olympic medalist will tell you, getting a medal out of hundreds of competitiors isn't all bad.

Draped Bust silver dollars, such as the 1804 US Mint specimen, are pieces of history. You can't get them in sets--that would be a gold medal feat. But a complete Peace Silver Dollar set (1921-1935) with some uncirculated coins has skyrocketed in price from $10 to $701 on eBay.

Gold Medal Tip: Several individual sellers will typically collect a whole series of silver dollars and resell them as a set. Each silver dollar may or may not be uncirculated. Rarer silver dollars in Extremely Fine or About Uncirculated may be worth a higher price for the whole collection, even if several coins are in About Good condition.

So while you're buying your Olympics commemorative gold medal coins, remember that in coin collecting, circulated silver dollar sets (certified of course) may be as good as a gold medal.



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