Uncirculated and Proof American Eagle Dollars

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Are all American silver eagles in uncirculated or proof condition?

Uncirculated and Proof American Eagle Dollars

Eagle vision is supposed to be the most accurate, and it would take an eagle eye to spot flaws in American Silver Eagles. Luckily for the real eagles, and for you, with merely human vision, most modern American Silver Eagles available today are as stellar as an eagle in flight.

You'll typically find American Silver Eagles in the following conditions:

* Brilliant Uncirculated
* Uncirculated
* Proof
* Like Brilliant Uncirculated
* About Uncirculated
* Proof-like
* Mint State or MS-65 to MS-70
* Choice Brilliant Uncirculated
* Gem Brilliant Uncirculated

It takes an eagle, or an astute collector, to see the difference in these beautiful coins. You might even collect hologram silver eagles, or silver eagles commemorating the heroes of September 11, 2001. Naturally, even an eagle wouldn't see a flaw in protected silver dollar collections.

Pay attention to the following silver dollar tips: Earlier eagle silver dollars will show flaws (and an honest merchant or seller will disclose them) that you can see without having to borrow the national symbol. These older coins can have a value all their own, but if you want to pass the eagle test, you have plenty of flawless silver dollar options.



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