S Mint Morgan Dollars

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Are my S Mint Morgans among the most valuable Morgan Dollars?

S Mint Morgan Dollars

Some dates you just can't forget, such as your first movie in junior high with what's-his-name. But you do remember 1878. It was a very good year, and so were 1879, 1880, 1881 and 1882. Those were the first issues of the S Mint Morgan Dollar.

Your love of coins has been replaced some by your boyfriend or husband, who is thankful you don't remember what's-his-name and do remember 1878. Naturally, the man in your life wants to get you a gift. You suggest a set of the S Mint Morgan Silver Dollars. It won't be cheap, but hey, you ate three boxes of Gummi Bears and a small popcorn on your junior high date.

How much are S (short for San Francisco where Morgan Dollars were minted) Mint Morgan Dollars worth? Want some silver dollar tips on pricing? One eBay auction offers MS67 Morgan Dollars for $885.00. Other merchants are more affordable, like sharing that popcorn and soda (your mother would have died) as well as the Gummi Bears.

Your hubby or boyfriend should be thankful you don't have a yen for Carson City, Nevada Morgan Dollars, which are rarer, especially in Uncirculated condition, and more expensive.

But hey, you both remember the date you met, and of course your wedding date, which to you is more precious than 1878. You even tell your loved one that you'll settle for S Mint Morgan Dollars in Good condition. Don't be surprised, though, if he presents you with your favorite dates (1878-1882)...well, your favorite apart from him!



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