Carson City Morgan Dollars

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Why are my Carson City Morgan Dollars rare and expensive?

Carson City Morgan Dollars

Yee-haw! We still love the Old West. It's no wonder then that silver dollar collectors and Morgan Silver Dollar collectors like the Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar issued from 1870 to 1893. Rather than coins high as an elephant's eye, the Carson City Mint turned out a limited run, which means a Gold Rush for the collector and Wild West lover.

How do you know if you have a Carson City Morgan Silver Dollar? Trailhand's tip: Look on the reverse. The CC mark will be on the bottom. But are these dollars as valuable as land during a range war? Yup, pardner. Some horse sense reasons why:

* The coins are typically in their original jewel cases and are typically as white as minted.
* The limited run means that most Carson City silver dollars you own or buy will be uncirculated.
* They come in the original box--a plus for Westernophiles.
* The resale value of these coins will always be higher than what you paid for them, especially if you keep varmints away.

The only thing more perfect about Carson City Morgan Silver Dollars would be if Lady Liberty wore a cowboy hat. Chances are if you see one, it's a fake, so leave it alone the way you would a rattler. Even without a cowboy hat, the Carson Ciity Morgan Dollar is perfect for your Old West coin collection.



6/5/2007 9:10:50 PM said:

my mother was 85 when she passed, she has had this coin from when i was little, it looks as if were circulated but, it clearly says 1888 on the date on the reverse under thr eagle is 2 small c's ( cc why can't i find this is it a mistatke?)


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