American Silver Eagle Replicas

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How do I know if an American Silver Eagle is a replica?

American Silver Eagle Replicas

Remember the old supersition that if you bit into a coin, you'd find out if it was legal tender? You don't think black cats are bad luck, so why would you break your teeth? There's a reason you have coin certification services for silver eagles.

It's not always possible to tell the difference between a replica and a real thing--just ask anyone in Hollywood. Say you have five 1999 proof American Silver Eagles. Your best friend, who swears by horseshoes and four-leaf clovers, says your coins are fake. How do you tell?

Need some silver dollar tips? According to the US Mint, that 1999 silver eagle might be a reproduction if:

* It weighs a half-ounce.
* It's twice the size of the regular silver dollar.
* It contains .999 pure silver--the real American Silver Eagles contain .9993
* The inscription on the reverse reads "One Half Pound Fine Silver .999."
* Look to the right of the eagle's tail--the genuine silver dollar has the designer's initials, "JM".

You can do this test for all American Silver Eagles. It's easier than walking under a ladder on Friday the 13th.



9/23/2009 1:03:01 PM
Joann said:

I have a walking liberty on the front and a hereldic eagle with shield on back, 1oz fine silver silver dollar. How much is it worth.


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