Indian Head Quarters

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How can I find US rare coin dealers that sell Indian head quarters?

Indian Head Quarters

There's been a hullaballoo in the Professional Numismatists Guild over the rare Indian Head Quarter Eagles coins. The PNG says that these rare coins are selling for new low prices, but are valuable coin specimens. Even the 1911-Denver Mint piece isn't outrageously costly if you're collecting a complete set. In other words, Indian heads won't cost you an arm and a leg. Collectors who don't mind pricey acquisitions can buy a 1929 coin, the last year of the set, for $575 at one dealer we know.

How do you find a good Indian Head Quarter Eagle US Coin dealer and rare coin dealer? You might check the PNG Dealer Directory--any organization that has twelve tips for eBay rare coin buyers is worth its weight in rare King of Siam 1804 silver dollars.

Another great way to find coin dealers who sell an Indian Head Quarter Eagle is to read magazimes such as Coin Connoisseur ( Look for "Early US Coin," "Rare US Coin," "Quarter Eagles," and similar phrases in classified ads. Then you can make a hullaballoo too.



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