Ancient and Rare Coin Online Community

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What's a great online community for ancient and rare coins?

Ancient and Rare Coin Online Community

Communing online can be so worthwhile...even when you have to point someone else to an auction of that rare Beanie Baby. And ancient coins? Forget it! But you smiley-face anyway, because it's "Netiquette." Bad online manners can haunt you with an online coin dealer worse than a bad Indian or wheat penny. Remember, on a mailing list, you don't know who might be reading!

If you want to try online rare coin dealer listing and communities, put your shekel where your mouth is and visit some of our favorites:

* The Ancient Coin Market,

When you're on a quest for that perfect Justin II Follis Nikomedia Byzantine coin, remember to be polite. Your Beanie Baby competitor may outbid you on that bear, but she will probably return the favor by referring you to the rare coin dealer and ancient coin dealer she uses, with a "TTFN" (that's Ta-ta for now) and a Caesar smiley face. Great Caesar's Ghost, look at the Web site--your Beanie Baby friend is the coin dealer in question! Isn;t cyberspace grand?



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