Best Coin Price Guides

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What's the best coin price guide?

Best Coin Price Guides

You're a complete novice at coins but a savvy shopper. You have blue books for every car from 1980 onward. You want the best coin price guides. How can you learn more about coin values?

There are several online US coin value guides and indexes of world coin prices. We like (though you do have to register to get the full benefit of the site) and the CoinSite (we particularly like their error coin value guides).

We may have said it before, but The Official Blackbook Price Guide to U.S. Coins 2005, 43rd Edition, is the best, except of course for The Official Blackbook Price Guide to U.S. Coins 2006, Edition #44.

Other great US coin value books and world coin value guides:

* The Official Bluebook Handbook of United States Coins: With Premium List (Handbook of United States Coins (Paper))
* A Guide Book of United States Coins 2006, or the Red Book
* The Standard Catalog of World Coins
* The Coin Dealer Newsletter, a.k.a. the Greysheet
* A Handbook of United States Coins, a.k.a the Bluebook
* Numismatic News (publishes prices for dealers, bids, and retail)

Where to get all of these? stocks the books, and your local bookstore probably carries the books as well--you may have to call around to find the periodicals.

After all, you spotted that $800 Yves St. Laurent dress for only $150. You're a born bargain should publish your own coin price guide!



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