Accurate Rare US Coin Values

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How can I be sure that my US coin value is accurate?

Accurate Rare US Coin Values

You have a wheat penny, an Indian head penny, a Seated Barber Dime, a World War II nickel, and a Walking Liberty Half Dollar (MS-65 from what your appraiser says). How much do you have? On the surface, 67 cents. But the Walking Liberty Half Dollar can be worth $100-$200 and that Flying Eagle Cent could sell for $9-$10. It's time to learn coin values.

With US rare coin values in particular, you need to know what you have and consult a US coin price guide if you want to sell. Trust the wholesale US coin value in publications or a sight-unseen coin trading network, which publishes, say, a $140.00 bid offered for the 1858 Flying Eagle Cent graded Extremely Fine. If your dealer proposes you accept $150 and the coin price guide says your coin is indeed valued at $140, you have a slight profit and a dealer who knows coin values.

An accurate US coin price guide is essential, especially if you talk to several different dealers. If a dealer offers you $30 for that Flying Eagle Cent, move on. And if you hear 67 cents quoted, call the cops because someone's had their brains stolen.



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