Coin Price Guide Accuracy

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Are coin price guides accurate or do coin prices fluctuate?

Coin Price Guide Accuracy

You, as an entrepreneur and collector, can spot three stitches missing from a pair of Levis. You know that someone has tried to pass off that counterfeit J.Lo perfume. So, you think, with all this deception, coin price guides can't be accurate either.

You're right. A coin price guide is just that--a guide. Coin values change. Keep a lookout for:

* Changes in gold, silver and platinum values
* Sales of coins that can boost or drop coin values over just a few months
* Trends in what coins people typically collect--popularity and demand can drive up a US coin value
* Coin prices locally--as with real estate, local coin values can be different than national or world coin values
* Average coin prices dealers charge
* Decrease in rare coin supply, e.g. coins get sold to museums

Even with the fluctuations, that 2005 or 2006 coin price guide is an excellent reference...though if J.Lo doesn't follow up "Monster-in-Law" with another hit, her perfume prices could drop drastically.



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