US Coin Value Charts

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Can I track US coin values the way I do stocks?

US Coin Value Charts

You have the NASDAQ 5-day moving average on your Blackberry. You love to track charts. How about coin value charts? It's important to learn about coin values. You can check the value of your coins on indexes such as the PCGS3000 Coin Index. It graphs the value of coins from 1970 onward. The same up and down indicators will tell you the change in coin prices over time.

You can track the US coin value, say for a Morgan Dollar, or rare coin values. For example, the all-time high for a Morgan Dollar is 432,927. The August data is 139163.19...that's up from the index value of 1000 in 1970. On the other hand, May 1989 (a very good year) values Morgan Dollars on average at 432926.72, so coins flucutuate as much as stocks.

Stock Tip: Remember that investing in coins is purely speculative, and some experts warn that coins as an investment have leveled off to stagnation. You shouldn't buy and sell stock based on every little change in the market, so be wary of setting too much store by coin indexes. Trust a reputable coin value index such as PCGS.

Sad to day, you can't track coins on your PDA the way you do stocks, but you can get an idea of where coin values have been, and more important, where they're going.



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