Gold British Sovereign Values

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How do I determine the value of a gold British sovereign?

Gold British Sovereign Values

God Save the Queen, even after the hijinks of the Royal Family, many people still want to collect British gold. Say you have a King Edward VIII sovereign, the equivalent of a pound today, that was never circulated because he abidcated. You've already sold your commemorative Prince Charles/Princess Diana coin and want to buy a King Edward VIII coin (hey, he abdicated for love.)

Gold coin values for a King Edward VIII sovereign are easier to figure out than the royal scandals. Simply multiply the current price of gold by the troy ounce. British Sovereign gold coins contain .2354 troy ounce, so let's say you have a one-ounce King Edward VIII gold coin. Say the current value of gold is $442.80, so $442.80 times .2354 times the face value of the coin, one British Pound equivalent to $1.84 USD, equals $191.80 USD. That's what you get for throwing a throne away for love.

But what about Charles and Camilla? The commemorative gold medal can retail for 745 British Pounds. God Save the Queen!



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