Investing in Rare US Coins

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What extremely rare US coins are good, affordable investments?

Investing in Rare US Coins

Are you tuning out the "rare US coins are a good investment" lecture yet? You probably do the same to those male enhancement drug commercials. The difference is, rare coins last longer, and they don't have the dangerous side effects, or the annoying spam e-mail solicitations. So ignore the "Let the dance begin" and listen to our list of extremely rare US coin choices.

* Liberty Cap Left-Facing Half Cents 1793 Regular Strikes--Bent Cap, Bunch Leaves, may be worth as much as $125,000 MS-65
* Liberty Cap Right-Facing Half Cents 1794-1797 Regular Strikes--1797 Lettered Edge, may be worth $11,000 Very Fine
* For the collector on a budget: Liberty Cap Right-Facing Half Cents 1794-1797 Regular Strikes--1797 Plain Edge, $425 Good
* 1793 Chain Cents (the first US coin, a rare American coin) with interlocking circular chain on the reverse--very few perfect coins survive, may be worth $7,500 with the word "America" and $8,500 with the word "Ameri," Good grade
* Standing Liberty Coins, 1916-1924, made of 90 percent silver--1918/7-S is worth $1650 Good, $160,000 MS-66

When arriving at a rare coin value for your rare coins, be sure to factor in today's silver prices, just as you would for gold coins.

Also, don't be afraid to buy rare coins in less than Uncirculated or Mint State. Everyone expects some wear and tear on a rare American coin.

Don't tune out conversations about rare coins, but when someone starts discussing Viagra, change the subject. Your audience will thank you.



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