Rare Valuable Ancient Coin Values

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How do I know what ancient rare coins are truly valuable?

Rare Valuable Ancient Coin Values

People joke that you remember the flood and Noah's ark. In that case, you should be able to remember what ancient coins are worth. But hey, it's been millenia. Besides, after buying all those animals, two of everything, you're broke. What ancient and rare coins will be valuable to a rare coin buyer on a budget?

Surprisingly, an ancient Greek rare coin value doesn't translate into a holy catastrophe. A Perseus 179-168 B.C 17 mm VF, nice green patina is affordable at $35, particularly since, like all ancient rare coins, it has chips and less-than-sharp strikes, but that only adds to its desirability. An ancient rare coin should look ancient.

On the other hand, if you're considering an Egyptian gold Octadrachm, someone may have tried to golden fleece you while you counted the animals two by two. These are replicas and not worth the $375 of a Meredates AE Tetradrachm in Very Fine condition.

Ancient coins should not look like new, since part of the value of ancient rare coins is that, well, they look ancient. Consult a qualified antiquities or ancient coin dealer if you're not sure of the value of your ancient coins.

After all, your brain is a bit waterlogged from that flood.



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