The Rarest US Coin

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What is the rarest US coin and what's it worth?

The Rarest US Coin

Collecting rare coins is addictive. You'd sell your right arm for the 1804 "King of Siam" US dollar. Your sister says she'd sell your mother, but you've always been the good child. But don't put up that eBay listing under "Weird Stuff" just yet. The 1870 Richmond Seated Liberty Dollar is said to be the rarest US coin, graded at PNG and PCGS at MS-62 for weak strikes on Liberty's head. It may have a value of $690,000.

You're just now rethinking selling Mom. She does, after all, burn the roast and lecture you about getting married. But you wouldn't sell her. On the other hand, your Dad wears those plaid golf pants and hair plugs.

Don't be in a rush to auction off your flesh and blood. There were historically only nine Richmond Seated Liberty Dollars. Most Seated Dollar rare American coin specimens are from different dates, and with coin dealers, you may not get to choose the date of your coveted rare coin. Also, many dealers sell US rare coins as "type," because you can't find affordable examples of, say, the 1870 Richmond rare American coin. You can be happy with any Seated Dollar rare US coin, since other collectors avidly seek them.

So you don't need to sell Mom, Dad or your right arm. You can now enjoy your rare coin with less guilt at Thanksgiving dinner...and pull that wishbone with your right arm!



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