Feet, er, Coins of Clay

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Can I collect rare coins made of clay and what are they worth?

Feet, er, Coins of Clay

Clay isn't on any major stock index, but you love clay. Modeling clay, the movie "Clay Pigeons," Cassius Clay, and of course, Clay Aiken. So you wonder how valuable a rare coin of clay would be. What would be the rare coin value of something you can't track on the Gold Index?

At the end of World War II, Japan produced a sen coin with Mount Fuji on one side and a flower on the other. This Japan rare coin had a limited run and is scarce, whether you're buying a brown clay rare coin or a red clay rare coin. One site we know sells brown and red clay coins for $19.75 and $18.75, respectively. Another opinion (from the CoinSite's Coin Doc) says that the sen rare coin brings $5 in the marketplace.

For World War II history buffs and Japanophiles, a clay sen rare coin may be worth a pretty US penny. On the other hand, since you adore clay and keep the clay ashtray your niece made, you may want to hang on to that Japanese clay rare coin.



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