Confederate Rare US Coins

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I'm a Civil War buff, can I collect Confederate coins?

Confederate Rare US Coins

Although you're a Yank with a Union souvenir flag from Gettysburg, you're also a coin collector, and hey, the Old South was great. You've watched "Gone With the Wind" a million times and read the book twice as often. You want to collect Confederate coins.

Fiddle-de-dee! The Confederacy didn't make circulating coins. Dies were made for a Confederate cent, but only twelve were made, numismatists say. At the New Orleans Mint, half dollar rare coins were made with a Union obverse and a Confederate reverse. There have been restrikes, because the glory of the Old South will never fade.

What's the rare coin value of a Confederate half dollar? One source says $5,000 in uncirculated condition--remember to adjust for Yankee metal price fluctuations. The Confederate cent rare American coin, made of copper and nickel, can fetch $30,000, although some sources say the original coins and copper restrikes are worth $200. That ought to pay the taxes on Tara! As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry for rare coins again!

Note that true Confederate half dollars have a die break between Miss Liberty's nose and the rim. Coins made from dies 1861 and later are genuine Confederate coins.

Frankly, Scarlett, I do give a damn after all! Especially when it comes to history and collecting the rare American coin.



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