Value of Rare German Coins

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I like to collect rare German coins, what are they worth?

Value of Rare German Coins

You know enough (or let's hope so) that if you collect Nazi or SS memorabilia, you may draw some criticism. While we can never forget the Holocaust, a rare coin value should take a back seat to sensitivity.

Luckily, you can skip protests by buying the Prussian gold rare coin "Wilhelm II" 20 Mark piece. This was the coin Germany printed during their recession when paper Mark currency became worthless. The recession led to a nasty period of potential world domination and ethnic cleansing, but you're safe collecting the pre-Hitler rare coins. In addition to the collector's value, you add the rare coin value of 0.2304 troy ounce multiplied by today's gold prices. That's $101 before dealer's mark-up.

If you're determined not to forget the horrors of World War II, remember that the Third Reich didn't mint any silver coins after 1939, so any silver coins dated from the 1940s are as phony as people who claim the Holocaust never happened. We know of a 1936-1939 Reichsmark Hindenburg/Swastika selling for $9.50, but remembering the horrors of tyranny is priceless. You might want to buy a rare Tripoli Raymond III coin or a modern Israeli statehood coin just to balance out your collection.



7/27/2006 10:27:39 PM
jennifer said:

that is very interesting. i have a german nazi coin dated 1939 .. with SWAZTIKA... silver 2 mark nice condition.. i was wandering if you could possibly send me an email telling me how much it is worth and more info about the coin


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