Rare American Tokens

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How do I buy rare American tokens?

Rare American Tokens

As a token of your affection, you've given your coin-loving sweetie a rare American token. But is your gift a good one?

Unlike your arcade tokens and subway tokens, American tokens can be collectible rare coins. What is the rare coin value of an American token and what should you collect?

* World War II Ration Tokens--food and necessities ration tokens, a set is selling for $4.99 on eBay.
* Patriotic Civil War Tokens with slogans such as "Army & Navy," "Win the War" or "Live and Let Live"--and 1864 token is sellign for $88.00 on eBay.
* Southern Civil War tokens--one is selling on eBay for $484.
* Old rare bus and train tokens.
* Colonial half-penny tokens--a 1794 specimen has attracted a bid of $34.99 on eBay

You can buy tokens from rare coin dealers, eBay, and at coin shows.
Tokens are usually made of brass or bronze, and a token rare coin value won't fluctuate, unlike gold and silver rare coins. While a token isn't the most valuable rare American coin, your numismatist sweetheart will appreciate your token of affection.



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