Wooden Rare Coins

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Are wooden nickels really worthless?

Wooden Rare Coins

"It's worth as much as a wooden nickel." Is that old chestnut true? And if you step on a crack, will your mother have to have back surgery? Don't test the sidewalk theory, but don't believe stories about wooden nickel rare coins being worthless.

For starters, the Congo has produced a 5-franc 2005 wooden rare coin, the first national coin ever made out of maple wood. The coin depicts a gorilla and draws attention to the endangered gorilla population. The motto on the obverse is "Protection d'Animaux" or Protection of Animals. One dealer sells it for $24.50. But will it be worth its weight in wood, which can decay faster than metal (think termites)?

In 1931, cities in the state of Washington issued wooden coins when their money failed thanks to the Depression. Wooden nickels have been made in later years and in different places. A set of three wooden nickels from Clarksdale, Mississippi is going for $52.89 on eBay. Those "Support Our Troops" wooden nickel rare US coin produced today may be collectible. Clearly, to a collector, a wooden nickel rare coin value can be more than the coin's five cent face value.

But we still wouldn't recommend risking Mom's back to disprove a superstition.



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