Value of Silver Jubilee British Coin

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What's the value of a Silver Jubilee British coin?

Value of Silver Jubilee British Coin

People joke about British teeth, but if a British citizen bit into a 1977 Jubilee silver coin, she wouldn't be disappointed, nor, for that matter, would any other citizen. Here's one of the best silver coin tips: British Silver Jubilee Proof coins have unique silver coin values.

After World War I, Britain reduced the precious metal in its old silver coin from 92.5 percent, and after World War II, no silver coins were minted until modern times. Commemorative silver coins were the exception.

The 1977 Silver Jubilee silver coins were commemorative medallions depicting Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse and various designs on the reverse. The 1977 silver coin Medallion reads "Vivat Regina 1952 1977" or Long Live the Queen. The medallion is 2.59 troy ounces and some retailers sell it for 45 British Pounds, $70 US. The Manx crowns with pure silver can range from 10 to 18 British Pounds and $16 to $29 USD. Watch out for cupro-nickel silver coins, an alloy of copper and nickel.

As a comparison, the 1889 Queen Victoria Silver Jubilee Coin is worth $10 - $200 depending on the condition.

Obverse: Motto VICTORIA D.G. BRITT. REG. F.D. (Victoria by the Grace of G-d, Queen of Britain, Defender of the Faith) and Queen Victoria's Jubilee head used on the crown from 1887-1892.
Reverse: St. George slaying a dragon, and in exergue, the date.

So don't expect your British pal to bite into your old silver coin, chances are it's genuine. British dentistry has a bad enough reputation as it is.



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