Commemorative Proof Coins

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Can you give me some ideas for current commemorative proof coins available?

Commemorative Proof Coins

You could stick with just the 50 State Quarters or you can add some commemorative proof coins to your collection. The US Mint has several available for 2006. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our suggestions for current commemorative proof coins:

2006 American Legacy Collection – The 2006 American Legacy Collection features 12 proof coins, including all of the 2006 circulating coins as well as the Benjamin Franklin Founding Father Silver Dollar and San Francisco Old Mint Silver Dollar. Because there is a limited quantity available, you may have to get on a wait list if you're ordering from the Mint.

San Francisco Old Mint Proof – The San Francisco Old Mint Proof comes in a $5 gold coin and silver dollar version. These coins commemorate the San Francisco Mint, which played a large part in recovery efforts after it survived the 1906 earthquake and fire.



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