Using Cleaners For Your Coin Collection

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What cleaners can I use for my coin collection?

Using Cleaners For Your Coin Collection

As a rule of thumb, you should avoid cleaning your coins unless you're completely positive doing so will not damage it or deteriorate its value. However, if you must clean a piece from your precious coin collection, here are some recommended products for you to use.

Pure acetone – PVC contamination occurs when the PVC in a coin holder causes green spots or an oily film on your coin. In order to remove this, use pure acetone, which you can find at the cosmetics section at your local drug store. Use a cotton swab and repeat the process as needed until your coin is clean.

Tarnish remover – Coins will show toning or color changes, which many collectors will pay handsomely for. However, if you feel you must remove it from your coin collection, use a chemical bath specified for removing tarnish. Your local coin dealer should carry these products. You can mix the solution with water to soften it. Also remember not to dip different metals into the same solution as this may plate one metal onto another.



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