Keeping Your Coin Collection Moisture Free

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How do I help keep moisture away from my coin collection?

Keeping Your Coin Collection Moisture Free

Some coin holders may claim airtight and water tight seals. Though this may or may not be true, it is always better to err on the safe side and assume your coin holders will let in air or water. Moisture will adversely affect your coins by changing the chemical composition on the surface and deteriorating them over time.

In order to save your coin collection, use a desiccant. If you've ever bought a pair of shoes, you've noticed the small white package placed in the shoebox to keep your new shoes from moisture. These small white packages are desiccant and you can use them to keep moisture away from your coin collection as well. You can find desiccant, a drying agent which removes moisture from the air, at your local hardware store. Whether your coins are in storage in a safety deposit box, large envelope, or other open container, place a desiccant with your coins and check for dryness every month. You can re-dry or replace your desiccant as needed. You can replace the desiccant every six months when you use it with a closed container.



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