Manage Your Coin Collection With Coin Collecting Software

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Is there software available to help me manage my coin collection?

Manage Your Coin Collection With Coin Collecting Software

Managing your coin collecting doesn't have to be an arduous process. There are a number of coin collecting software options available on the market which can help you get your coin collection organized. Here are some coin collecting software choices you might want to try out:

Liberty Street Software – Liberty Street Software puts out a range of management software programs for coin collection, household possessions, and business assets. Their program, CoinManage, is new for 2006 and allows you to input your entire coin collection via the software database. You can analyze and categorize your coins by type, purchase date, and mint mark. You'll also be able to print reports and keep track of a wish list as well as sales.

Carlisle Software – Carlisle Software produces a number of software options for collectors of coins and other paraphernalia. Choose from coin collecting software for specific aspects of coin collecting, including Coin Collector's Assistant Software to manage your coin collection and the Grading Assistant Software, which is an interactive version of the official American Numismatic Association Grading Guide.



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