The Story of Eisenhower Silver Dollar

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What is the story behind the Eisenhower Silver Dollar?

The Story of Eisenhower Silver Dollar

You may have seen the Eisenhower Silver Dollar. It depicts the head of President Eisenhower on the obverse side. The reverse depicts an eagle landing on the moon with olive branches at its feet. The original intent of the Eisenhower Silver Dollar was the celebration of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. However, a few months before the coin's release, Eisenhower passed away. Subsequently, Eisenhower's image was placed on the coin. The public was not made aware of the original intent to celebrate Apollo 11 when the coin was released. Thus, the coin was given the name the Eisenhower Silver Dollar or Ike Dollar.



6/13/2009 8:13:20 AM
Jorge A. Herrera said:

I collect coins, and I Have a few silver dollar,one of them have Eisenhower head, 1776-1976 on one side,and the moon with a bell in front of it on the other side,and the lettes DRW @ The bottom of the bell, will be nice to hear more about it


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