The Peace Silver Dollar

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Can you tell me if there are any unique details on the Peace Silver Dollar?

The Peace Silver Dollar

A lovely image of Lady Liberty resides on the obverse of the coin while a perched bald eagle resides on the reverse. This coin is the Peace Silver Dollar. After World War I, there was a call for a coin to commemorate the end of the war. The original intention was to issue the Peace Silver Dollar as a commemorative coin. However, it became a circulating coin instead. The Peace Silver Dollar, designed by Anthony de Francisci, came out in 1921. The word “Peace” on the coin's reverse gave the coin its name. However, the actual word is small verbiage on the coin. The phrase “In God We Trust” borrows from the Roman spelling of the word “trust”, using a “V” instead of a “U”. This detail accounts for many owners who believe they have a rare error on their Peace Silver Dollars.



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