Collecting The Silver Dollar

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What Silver Dollars are easier to find versus more difficult ones?

Collecting The Silver Dollar

The Silver Dollar is high on the list of many coin collectors. Coin collectors prize these pieces for their beauty, history, and value. If you're considering the addition of a Silver Dollar to your coin collection, read these tidbits.

You'll find many of the Peace Silver Dollars, Eisenhower Silver Dollars, and Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollars easily on the market. Rare coins include the 1794 Flowing Hair, Carson City Seated Liberty issues, and the 1884 and 1885 Trade dollars.

A Silver Dollar in fine condition or uncirculated condition can be affordable to exorbitant for coin collectors. For instance, a set of Draped Bust Silver Dollars in fine condition can run you $6,250. However, if you're looking at the Seated Liberty Silver Dollars, you'll pay around $100,000. Peace Dollars will start at $2,500 for an uncirculated version. An uncirculated Flowing Hair or Draped Bust is priced way above reach for the average coin collector.



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