Your Guide To Assessing Coin Values

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How does one determine coin values?

Your Guide To Assessing Coin Values

There are several factors which come into play when determining coin values. To find out what goes into assessing coin values, read this handy guide:

Identification – When identifying a coin, you'll want to know what country it came from, whether it has a mint mark, and what the face value is.

Authenticity – An unethical seller might create counterfeit coins in order to sell to an unknowing collector. If in doubt, you may want to consult with an expert authority to determine the authenticity of coin values in question.

Coin Grade – A coin's grade refers to its overall condition. Factors affecting coin grade include the amount of wear, absence of dings, and sharpness of details.

Damage and Cleaning – Most coin collectors prefer obtaining a coin that is not tampered or cleaned in any way. Once a party polishes, drills, or otherwise alters a coin, its value changes.



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