Your Coin Collecting Guide To Coin Lingo

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What are some common terms used for coin collecting?

Your Coin Collecting Guide To Coin Lingo

If you're getting into coin collecting, you'll need a coin collecting guide to help you with the basics and you'll find it all here. Check out our coin collecting guide to coin lingo so you'll know the essentials:

Bullion – A bullion is a platinum, gold, or silver bar. Bullions also include other shapes such as coins and ingots.

Commemorative coin – A commemorative coin honors a person, place or event.

Coin Grade – Coin grade refers to the amount of wear a coin receives from being in circulation.

Mint Mark – A mint mark is a small letter inscription identifying the US mint where a coin comes from.

Numismatics – Numismatics covers the study and collection of all monetary related items, such as coins, tokens, bills, and medals.

Uncirculated coin – An uncirculated coin may describe its manufacturing process, may refer to the quality of its grade, or may mean it is a coin not used for monetary exchange.



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