Collecting Crowns

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What is collecting crowns?

Collecting Crowns

Have you ever heard of collecting crowns? In the world of coin collecting, collecting crowns refer to collecting the Silver Dollar-sized coins issued from a number of countries around the world. Many of the European crowns are called Thalers, the predecessors to the US Dollars. Prior to 1965, most of the Crowns were made of silver. However, today, coin makers produce most of the Crowns with a silver colored copper and nickel. If you're interested in collecting Crowns, you'll find many of them are commemorative coins – a bonus if you're searching for diverse, distinctive designs.



11/4/2007 1:26:18 PM
clarence achiles said:

I would suggest that you should indicate that crowns are non circulating legal tenders specifically minted for collector in mind. Some crowns are not legal in their country of origin, like Marshall Islands.Majority of crowns are minted to celebrate an event, people or even personages not related to the country issueing them.


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