Tracking Down the 50 State Quarters

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Where can I find coins from the first years of the 50 State Quarters Program

Tracking Down the 50 State Quarters

If you're a coin collector and you're having difficulty tracking down coins issued early on in the 50 State Quarters program, you're not alone. Since the program ends in 2008 and coins minted from 1999 to 2005 are out of issue, if you didn't start collecting when the program began, you're among a large number of other enthusiasts who are having a tough time tracking down the coins you need. The US Mint tallies the number of folks collecting coins from the 50 State Quarters program as 130 million people. So technically, you can figure one person in every household of the United States is trying to add to their state coin collection.

Coin collectors can frequent banks to try and find that elusive quarter, but they are also turning to coin companies such as the Morgan Mint. The Morgan Mint sells Uncirculated sets no longer available from the US Mint, but they also provide pieces coin collectors are raving over. These pieces include 24-karat plated versions of the State Quarters, a hologram version impregnated into the actual coins, and stunning colorized versions which are also part of the actual coin.



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